Jeon's Traditional Taekwondo

Jeon's Traditional Taekwondo

The students and family’s health is our top priority.

Our off-line classes will be held following the Alberta Health guide line and we encourage you to follow Jeon’s Taekwondo rules as well.

Bring the registration form that shown the participant names. 

Wear the taekwondo uniform and your belt. (you could purchase the uniform or belt in the online store if you need. ). 

Bring your own water bottle. (you could purchase the bottle of water in the if you need) 

Only the participants allow coming in the studio.

The maximum participant per class is 6 students and they will stand 6 feet apart while training.

Before coming into the studio, everyone will be checked the temperature with non-contact thermometer. 

Hand sanitize with the sanitizer when you come in and out. (The sanitizer will be at the studio entrance and exit door) 

Only the participant could come in. 

Parents should wait outside and pick up your kids on time at the lobby of the Taekwondo school building. 

Students not allow waiting inside of the studio because between the classes, we need to sanitize our studio such as floor mats, kicking bags, paddles, every equipment and every handles and washrooms.