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Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey

Mr. Jeon

Master Chanwuk Jeon who has been training the official World Taekwondo (WT) for more than 35 years and the founder of the Jeon's Traditional Taekwondo program to offer all ages students the best in martial arts training and enjoy the experience while making the commitment to learn and improve one's self esteem, concentration, discipline and self control.


A good teacher can give you a variety of beneficial experiences.

Jeon’s Traditional Taekwondo Classes are FUN and designed to excite little minds through:

  • Game based exercises using natural movements
  • Achievable Goals and Rewards
  • Happiness through gaining a sense of achievement
  • Build resilience and improve fitness
  • Make new friends and have a sense of belonging

Children get to enjoy:

  • Simplified stretching and fitness games
  • Lots of interactive games that makes them exercise without them even realizing
  • Eagerness to demonstrate their kicks, blocks, movement and fitness
  • End of term test to next level

*Earn the official World Taekwondo certification from the Kukkiwon the world Taekwondo headquarter in Korea.*

Our Story

"We think it's important to improve children's confidence and provide goal that even the most reluctant child will want to achieve."

Class Program

Tiny Tiger class - Age of 4-5

Tiny Tiger class focus on early child physical development activities with Taekwondo basic kicks & blocks also breaking skills.


Children & Junior class 


Beginner class designed for the students who would like to start new journey of Taekwondo. Our instructors introduce the Taekwondo forms called poomsae and basic kicks and breaking skills. Also students will learn the beginner levels of self-defense skills.

  • Becoming Independent- Intermediate (Purple stripe, Purple, Blue stripe, Blue Belt)

    -Ready to learn high level of Taekwondo skills with fifty different hand techniques and twenty kinds of kicking skills. Also learn how to respect and humble others and become responsible society member.

  • Feeling Confident- Advanced (Brown stripe, Brown, Red Stripe, and Red Belt)

    Jeon's TKD Program-Traditional Taekwondo-Advance

    -Learning the high level of Taekwondo techniques. Facing the limitation of own physical and mental abilities and learn how to overcome the limits and develop self control and self-respect.

  • Knowing Providence- Black belt Preparation Class (Blue to Black stripe belt)

    -The preparation class for the black belt- Leaning the Taekwondo physical techniques and Taekwondo history also Korean history. The official World Taekwondo certification course.

  • Spiritually Awakened- Black belt class

    -Became a humble and responsible Taekwondo citizen. Ready to learn how to help others and dedicated to the society. And ready to train for next level of Black belt.

Life style- Family class (all ages & all levels)


- Fitness activities with Taekwondo basic kicks & blocks.


Demonstration TEAM (Only selected by Mr. Jeon)


-Taekwondo is the martial arts training, physically and mentally. Tae, meaning to kick or jump; Kwon, meaning fist or hand; and Do, which means "the way." Jeon’s TKD Demonstration team has many voluntary performances since 2013. Their taekwondo performance is including the technical kicking and traditional taekwondo movements with powerful beat music.


Adult Class


 -Ready to learn high level of Taekwondo skills for adults with fifty  different hand techniques and twenty kinds of kicking skills. Also  learn how to respect and humble others and become responsible  society member.

Initiating- Beginner 1

(White, Yellow Stripe, Yellow belt)


-Focus on child physical development activities and introduce the Taekwondo poomsae and basic kicks and breaking skills.

Learning Mind-Beginner 2

(Green stripe, Green belt)


-Learning the twenty different kinds of hand Taekwondo techniques and spinning kicks and basic self defense skills. Begin to discover own physical and mental abilities and build up the strength.
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